Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Teaching punctuation

I just checked out some books from the local library to teach Ramam punctuation.
Here are the titles.

Punctuation takes a vacation
Punctuation station
Alfie the apostrophe
Yo! yes
The girl's like spaghetti, why, you cant imagine without apostrophes!
Greedy Apostrophe: a cautionary tale.
Twenty-odd ducks: why , every punctuation mark counts!

                               The illustrations are a delight in themselves in all the books.  This one is form the book, twenty- odd ducks.

                                             The punctuation station book also has some beautiful illustrations with a ticket window for the tall animals and an another one for the shorter ones, My 6 th grader daughter also enjoyed these books.

                                             The punctuation takes a vacation lends itself to humor with the comma calling themselves the list makers, the exclamatory marks calling themselves emotional. More importantly they drive home the importance of punctuation, without boring you. Wish I had  these books to read when growing up!

                                           All the books listed are a must -read!


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