Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Facts , facts

I found these two websites good for non -fiction passages for RPM


Friday, March 18, 2016

Re-telling a story

Retelling a story is not always easy for a child on the spectrum, communication difficulties, articulating difficulties, structure sequencing, comprehension. It has been my goal for a long time that Ramam should be able to tell a  story independently, but my concerns swing left  right , center and I lose sight of the goals .
                                 I was looking at some of my son rise notes , it was my goal back then about 5-6 years back and I still had not accomplished it. I unearthed materials I had made long back, did some online reading, found some graphic organizers I liked, The scoop chart , The First-Next-Then-Finally sequence of the story.
                                     The first picture are simple stories cut out from the magazine Magic Pot.


 The second being the SCOOP Chart.

                    And so it is back to story re-telling. I also vary the stories with unexpected endings. I tried a different version of the hare and tortoise race, where they were actually racing on a motor cycle , and how the hare lost the race by forgetting to follow traffic rules and carrying his helmet .Ramam enjoyed every bit of it.

The joy of teaching and learning

I did a lesson with my son on rainbows.This was actually a lesson on the  why's of weather.
          To actually explain the phenomenon of rainbow, I had to explain how when light passes through a 3D prism the white light breaks into seven components.  There were no prisms in the sky and how water droplets act as prism.  I knew it was very vague for him. And so I drew a diagram of a prism , still had my doubts because it was important for him to understand the difference between a 2d and 3d object. So I explained the various 2 Dand 3D shapes.
                         I then drew a 2 d pizza and exclaimed how boring and then drew a 3 d pizza and  told him " How exciting"! My drawings have their limitations :) I still was not sure if he understood the concept. I went on to give examples of 3D movies, tried to explain the concept of depth.
                   By now, I had digressed from the topic of rainbow . So I actually found a  glass prism like object and showed the dispersion of life. The joy on his face was so worth it. My daughter and I were also super excited. Not yet figured how to upload photos from the iPad on to the blog , so will have to make do with the post sans the photo :((
                    There is so much joy in teaching and learning.......


Monday, March 14, 2016

Articulation drills

Doing the rounds of articulation drills with Ramam. He has complied so far, but just to make it little fun we did this.

We wove a story around the "At" words...

 The CAT chased the RAT.
 The RAT hid under the MAT.
 The CAT hit the HAT with a BAT.
 The RAT hid under the MAT.
 Postman  PAT scooped up his CAT.

And then came the "An" words, we were a little more adventurous with them.

The MAN tossed the empty CAN.
The CAN landed on the PAN.
The chef  tossed the PAN.
The CAN hit the FAN.
The Can flew out of the window into a moving VAN.
Sometimes things don't work as per PLAN:)

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