Tuesday, August 5, 2014

keeping track

          Recently on one of the FB post, a mother had raised a question on how to track behavioral changes, to establish patterns in behavior. Much  later I realized I had downloaded this app, was very consistent in recording the data and somehow along the line I stopped bothering to do so. I tried the lite version version first and then went in for the paid one.

                           The best part is it is extremely  easy to enter data, provided one has the discipline to do so daily and then it is plotted as  a graph for you.The app is called Autism pro. It is very user friendly. Some of the default categories include mood, behaviour, food, health.... It is helpful when you are trying to analyse sleep patterns, or notice  any changes in behavior  with the dietary interventions.

                             Another excellent resource I came across is this blog The autism helper. What an coincidence! I had attended a workshop on setting IEP goals, and this page on writing  IEP goals concisely gives you an idea on how to go about it. The 2 hr workshop has been summarized in this page. It is an fantastic resource for both parents and professionals alike.
                            One does feel bad , that so much has been lost out for want of structure in lesson plans, focus ......  .priorities have shifted  often, sometimes it is communication, sometimes it is academics. 24 hrs in a day falls short to achieve the goals. Choosing the most important goal among st the many goals is a challenge in itself.  Just considering communication  as one of the areas,  how do I set the goals? There are so many goals that can be listed out. Getting him to greet his peers, or getting him to report his school activities, or simply communicate his need in class by raising his hand and say verbally " I want to visit the toilet".

                           I have also recently started the  reward chart for Ramam maybe 3 weeks ago, it is a little early to say   how effective it is. But the cute part is he tries to negotiate the reward part and keeps changing his mind. The bonus  however is  my daughter too  wants a reward chart and is willing to work to earn her rewards. That is a bigger relief , as I have told her she has to learn 3 new Hindi words every alternate day.

                            My FB page is a reflection of my life. It is actually beginning to look weird with all kinds of posts, there are some posts with pic of poohs'  of kids  on various  protocols, some mouthwatering recipes as I have joined some baking forums, followed by posts on dietary interventions. The dietary intervention posts seem to shout down the drool worthy pictures from  the baking forums.They seem to call out to me "Et Tu Brute"? The page reflects my inner conflict of staying on the diet  on one hand and encouraging my sons's passion for cooking on the other .The last but not the least  the ever happy, smiling faces of friends and families on hols to exotic locations.
                        With the festive season coming up, more holidays lined up, helping Rama manage his free time is another concern for me. I am sure it is also a major issue for all parents.And so it goes on and on.....the all pervading  challenges that autism brings into our lives.

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