Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday gift

Selecting a   birthday gift should n't be  a problem in this day and age. Rightly so, when it comes to picking a gift for my daughter's  friends, the range is huge, and only monetary constraints apply, more so when 30 kids in her class want to have a party for their bday. But selecting a gift for a child on the spectrum is not easy, and I shall tell you why?
                       When Ramam was small and we had bday parties for him , some moms would call me and ask what is it that would interst him?And that is where your choices get narrowed down. I would give an honest reply. I would say puzzles,books....... . He was not typically intersted in cars/blocks or  any toys for that matter. At the end of the party I would have enough material to start a therapy centre. Animal puzzles,word puzzles, picture puzzles, wooden puzzles ,colouring books,........
                              Recently, I had to attend a bday party of a child on the spectrum. I was sorely tempted to call the mother and check on the child's interest. But I refrained. If she had told me Thomas and tank engine, I would defintely have  not to think further. But , I decided I will go ahead and buy what typically  fits in the age bracket.  I was happy with my choice. But the urge to pick a book on verbs, nouns and adjectives was so strong , I had to give in to it. The 'special mom" ( that's how we call ourselves) in me kept rearing up her head every now and then and could not be supressed for long.
                                 So many thoughts came to my mind as I was gift shopping.What could be possibly good gifts for Ramam now? Has there been a progress. Does he have a larger domain of interest. I thought possibly I  could gift him these now:

Cookery books,
Unlimited 3G acess for his I-pad, so he can watch cooking videos on You -tube.
A basket ball..
                               Yeah, maybe his intersts have shifted ,but  the choices are limited again.But then again, the best gift you can give him probably is to spend time with him.
                       Recently , I was following a thread on The discussion was on how a child who had begun to verbalise had also started to scream simultaneously. One parent had replied , 'Yes that happened to us too'. They were Fun times!! It is this kind of  laugh- at- life humour that gets us through the difficult times.

                          Wishing all readers a happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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