Friday, July 4, 2008

Conquer autism the GFCF way

Last month we decided to go full blast with the GFCF diet, no aberrations whatsoever. Even guest were served Tulsi tea, although this is an expensive proposition. Soon I was on the prowl for more GFCF recipes and the internet was my crutch as is a cane to a blind man. One realized before long many parents were on these gastronomical expeditions, mothers who failed to bake GFCF bread for months and suddenly one day it turned out just fine. I found some cases of serendipity where the parents ran out of a vital ingredient and the substitute worked wonders to give them a perfectly delightful new recipe. YOU TUBE is flooded with GFCF receipes.
My search on the net yielded results and I did come up with some good recipes. Our joy was great when my husband found GFCF cookies, all purpose flour, and self raising flour in a Spencer’s outlet next to our house. The brand is orgran. Out rolled cakes, samosas from the gourmet kitchen of mine. I am yet to give it a name.

I have not been able to bake cookies as diary free substitutes such as casein free margarine, Xanthan gum ,Rice milk and similar such items available abroad not available here to the common man. However I must add this has been more than compensated by the richness and variety the Indian food has to offer. As a matter of fact my son has begun to relish many of the Indian snacks made at home. We have gone more indigenous with fresh mock tails, soups customized to our son’s requirements with just the dash of pepper and oregano.

Some of the recipes are quick and easy while some are cumbersome.
These thoughts often cross my mind a community kitchen where mother’s keen on GFCF sit together and make couple of items and share the costs equally. More importantly there is some rigorous quality control process in check. It would also provide some kind of social networking.

Here are some of the receipes i have tried succeessfully
1. Carrot walnut cake
2. idli
3. dosa
4. ada
5. singhadia-raagi parathas
6. samosas
7. kothimbar wadi
8. sabudana kichdi
9. pongal
10. sambhar vada
11. sabudana vada
12. Dal vada
13. Besan laddu
14. Moongdal halwa
15. Spreads such as mayonnaise and peanut butter
16. poha
17. Thatai
18. Cutlets
19.Gluten free cookies
I shall try and post 2-3 receipes every week,in this section.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We have tried GFCF diet with our son in moderation .Milk was out right from the beginning but we contined to give him curds. He did have an occassional paratha/roti. The reason we did not implement it it in totality were
  1. Age factor

  2. Getting him to sit in snack time in school

  3. Lack of convincing proof that this would bring a dramatic change.

  4. Social restrictions ,such as when you eat out, calling on some one.It would be a dream come true if one were to find a GFCF hotel!

  5. Occassional indulgences at home , such as pizza deliveries at home.

  6. Pampering your little one, it is easiest way to show your love buy him his favourite cookie sometime his favourite candy.At an early age one does one uses only food reinforcers.

However having stated the factors that we did not follow it fully,today the diet itself has given us reasons to smile. Harish is calmer,his learning abilities have improved.More importantly he himself sees reason in it .This is what harish had to type

Junk foodI don’t eat junk food.
I like junk food.
Junk foods are not good for me
I will eat junk foods when I become ok.

Anything forbidden under the diet is JUNK to him. A GFCF diet also implies lot of self discipline and iron will not to deviate from the regimen. We set a target of one month and it worked beautifully, so we are giving it another six months. Here we are talking of eliminating even traces of gluten and caesein.
Awareness about a gluten-caesein diet is yet to dawn in India.As I said it in my earlier post it makes it a little difficult to procure ingredients, but give it a shot.

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