Saturday, September 19, 2009

New blog

Technology plays a major role in the lives of our kids.More on this on my husband's blog all readers a very happy festive season.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost to win

Recently there was a PTA meeting at Ramam's school and as it coincided with the Teacher's day, there was a cultural program to liven up the proceedings. One of the students an autistic girl performed a solo admirably well to the song Mukund, mukunda. Everybody applauded and as the girl came and sat next to her mother, she asked the child did you forget a particular step.I thought the mother should have appreciated her performance rather than pointing out a fault that had otherwise gone unnoticed.In a span of few days, there was the sports meet and our hero was one of the partcipants in the sac race.To start with he was at a little disadvantage as he had a smaller sac.He took off to a flying start but lost hold of the sac ends midway.He fumbled but picked up the ends and continued the race to the finishline.Everybody appreciated his efforts at not giving up, and suggested a consolation prize.But the first thing I did was to ask him why did he let go of the sac.Later I felt small, at having said that. But maybe it was the disappointment of coming close to winning and loosing it that made it painful.As mothers we both did the same thing albeit in diferent situations.We probably take the victories and loses a little too personally. Three cheers to my champion Ramam for having completed the race.he also won a second prize in another event.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A dream therapist

A dream therapist

The struggle against autism can never be complete without its share of therapists. Good, bad, ugly and some plain rotten. You can’t escape them. Over the years I can pride myself that I can smell a good therapist when I meet one. This again is a spectrum. Some trying to cash in on the problem, some genuine ones and then those that are the in -betweens. Rs.500 for a home visit is no less. I knew a therapist who took no less than 5 calls in a 45 minute session. She had given Ram am a paper and pen to make holes. Then there was one who lectured me for 8 sessions on the evolution of speech in human civilization. Yes, she was a speech therapist. What does then one begin to expect in a dream therapist

* Bonding with the child, this will take few sessions.

* Unobtrusive yet effective, you don’t want the therapist holding the child’s face and forcing him into looking into her eyes.

* Being able to hold the child’s interest.

* Having an element of surprise, it is not about being unstructured. I look forward to his art therapist sessions where she has something new every time, sometimes it colored sooji, flowers, maida dough……An element of unpredictability in an structured environment.

* Plans for the sessions beforehand. Has a backup plan if an idea refuses to hold the child’s interest at least in the early years of working. Starts and ends with a particular activity to mark the beginning and closure of the session.

* Encourages the child with appropriate praises, rein forcers.

* Loads of energy and patience.

* Physical punishment is a strict no-no.

* Avoids saying negative remarks about the child.

* Avoids cancelling appointments at the last minute.

These are the few random thought that came to my mind. My husband adds, and does not charge exorbitant fees!!!!!!!

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