Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday, Isha came back from school and wanted to know what "interferring" means. I racked my brains for a suitable answer. I told her in a broad sense  and finally  came up with us. I told her for instance when mom and dad are having a serious conversation and you butt in every now and then, then that could be called interferring. She stopped me right there and told me Amma, but that is interrupting and not interferring. I clamped my mouth shut.
                      This is a slightly dirty one. What is a girl with a  continous thick nasal discharge called?........Nosy volcano.
                      She wears two long  hair plaits to school.Today morning , just before leaving to school, she  told me "You comb my hair real dumb"!!!!!! Amazing, where these kids pick up language?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Small Obstacles.

Ramam had his first episode of seizure attack this month.  Least expected , it came as a jolt on a Sunday afternoon two weeks back. Thankfully, his EEG and CT Scan have come normal but the worries persist.  An  addition to  a growing list of  concerns . It hit my husband very hard, as he watched it unfolding.I was not around as I had gone to call for help. Mercifully , being a Sunday afternoon everybody was around to help us out ,unlike a weekday.
                     August has been a  month of small obstacles , if I were to put it that way, nothing insurmountable  but like pin pricks nevertheless. Finding   a replacement for a domestic help,  two drivers in succession, whom we were left with but no choice but to fire.  Life continues, despite all these minor  setbacks,  with a will of it's own. We anticipated difficulties administering the anti seizure medication as Ramam was not to used to tablets. After  2-3 days of struggle, he is surprised us by popping it in his mouth with little water and swallowing it on his own.
                        Ramam had dropped the I- pad and following that we were experiencing network connectivity issues , we were cocksure ,that it must have been  because of the fall. We thought this month was jinxed. We did not bother to even check the settings. much later we realized the cellular data button was off and wi Fi was enabled. just goes to show how much our preconceived notions affect our reasoning.
                     There is so much on one's mind there is very little time to debate on what has happened , but to plan the next move. To go with the tide , rather than resist seems to make life much easier. We tried to sedate Ramam for the EEG and did not work. Finally we decided to go for lunch, and enjoyed it. It was more like a day out at Narayana Hridayalaya health city. We came back and did the EEG and scan . He cooperated much better than we had hoped for. Before lunch we were working ourselves into a frenzy, wondering why Ramam was not going to sleep.
                        I have been coming with Ramam in auto these days to school, so been meeting  parents whose children are on medication. Been lucky to get varied inputs from all them.



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out Of The Box Thinking

Ramam has begun to retrace his steps and to a large extent this is worrisome. (There are of course no immediate solutions in sight). He walks a few steps and then wants to go back and walk the few steps again. Last week I had gone with him for an evening walk. My neighbor was sitting and chatting with her friend. Ramam stopped right in front of them and began retracing his path, Up down, Up down. And this continued another 5-6 times. By then, I had become conscious of this fact. I tried to coax to move on but he just would not budge. My neighbor tried to draw him into a conversation, but then he didn’t respond. This friend of my neighbor, who was watching this silently, said loudly, “Let Ramam and amma have a race. Let’s see who wins the race”. And Ramam just bolted. He ran ahead of me and turned back to see if I was joining him. Simple, quick fix solutions. It was like he was just waiting for the cue. Now, whether this lady understands autism or not is anybody’s guess. Both I and my neighbor were acutely aware of a “problem” that he has and our thinking was restricted to solving it within the confines of this knowledge.

                  Recently Ramam met Sumathi (his art therapist, but more like a great well- wisher!) after a long time. Words would not come to him easily. He kept holding her hand, kept trying to say something, then quickly gave her a peck on her cheek. And he walked off. It is a tragedy to think at times that a child, who is so affectionate and cares so deeply for others, had to be on the spectrum.

                  Another interesting app for articulation is the articulation station. Lot of effort and thought has gone into it. I sometimes wonder why we do not have a sysytematic approach to problems.( Forgive me, I could be wrong).This app also lets you  document the progress.The "p" syllable is free for download.When, working on spellings with ramam, it is joy to hear him say c-a -r-r-y( carry). From a non -verbal child that he was ,when I started this blog, it is a huge progress.

                  Yesterday, I was just playing a game with him . I just wanted him to repond to me calling his name with  "Yes , amma". I was doing it in a sing song fashion ,varying my pitch ,the sound. Soon he was also enjoying the game. Another game ,that we play when he gets stuck on a word say "panner tikka masala,(PTM)  I say vada. Then again he repeats (PTM) I say bhelpuri. At one point , he repeats what I say and the game is over. He knows he has lost. He has begun to enjoy such games. There is a smile on his face when we play these games.

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