Thursday, March 13, 2014

Into adolescence

The blog has been in need of a make over for ages . The  header  is no longer relevant. My charming  boy is now a preteen and is as tall as me. He continues to enthral us, pique us,  and even dare his father sometimes with his show of strength. For most part , he is still the silent companion but he did pull in a surprise,  when he was chosen for a music fest program , where he  is one of the singers!!!. He is a lot verbal today than he was, the phrases are there , the sentences are emerging. My eternal battle with the "wh" questions continue. Yes, he is still the same little boy shy, sensitive, loving, but somewhere along the line he is beginning to assert himself in the choice of eating out, making definite choices when shopping, doing his own laundry. ( washing, drying folding ,putting it away!). It actually gives me  a kick when he says he wants to eat momos, because that is one of his language goals . What/where  do you want to eat? And these small pleasures sums up our life. I am thankful for many things, we 4 enjoy a game of badminton , enjoy a movie in a theatre, enjoy our long family walks. Lot of things we get to do as a family. When Ramam  is in a good mood, honest to God , there cannot be a sweeter kid.

                                      Five years into our journey with him , his sister joined him. It is very special relationship. There are times when my daughter feels he is the favoured one, but she is there to his defence, should one of us raise our voice against him. He also stands by her, if we shout at her. She is extra careful when crossing the road, she is a co therapist working with along with me in our language sessions. They do a lot of art work  together, she is very liberal with her oohs !
and  aahs! when praising his work. They take turns with the Wii remote and spend an hour together. He walks up to her and tells her ,Come,  play with me". Hope they continue to be good to each other.

                   In his sister's b'day  party last year he would weave in and out. He would come and sit for one round of passing the parcel , walk away and then come and re-join without anyway telling him to do so. He would confidently do what is he has been asked to do in the game. It was the highlight of that evening for me. He tries hard to socialise, if any of the kids in our complex , walk up to him and say hi, he tries to maintain  a pleasing countenance.

            There are still many major concerns with Ramam,  sometimes his sudden anger or crying leaves you feeling baffled and inadequate . And some behavioural issues remain. He has his strengths , he will repeat a word for you umpteen times till you catch it, reward you with a dazzling smile when you get it .
I could probably go on and on...

                                Though should post a few lines.... it has been quite sometime.

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