Monday, January 28, 2013

A wonderful beginning

It has been long since I posted something on the blog. but just having got to know that Sumathi Ramjee  has got  the NDTV award , was reason enough for me to get back to blogging . Such wonderful news, that I had to share it with others. Those who have know her will know this is a very well deserved award.
                           The way she bonds with the children is amazing. She once told me that if she is not in good spirits, the kids are the first to pick it up.    A  Very positive , practical person, I am truly happy she got this prestigious award.
                             In today's world , where people shout their achievements from the roof top, here is one lady who goes about her work quietly. It is very heartening to know her meritorious service has been recognized. Congratulations, Suamthi.
                            What a wonderful beginning to this new year!

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