Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eating healthy

        Though not into any diet, I am now convinced about the fact eating healthy is the way to go. Thanks to my friend Gina, I am now on innumerable forums ranging from the CD protocol to tried and tested diet formats. I am constantly bombarded with these posts, so to say at least I make an attempt to emulate some of these to the extent possible. I may not do the Parasite protocol, but yes, I did do an around of de-worming for everybody in the family. It is not anywhere close to following a protocol, but  I feel at peace having taken some effort in that direction. I may not follow the Paleo diet, but here I am attuned to the idea of making healthy breakfast, moong dal cheelas, bajra dosas, and millet kichdi, absolutely grain free. I have shot down the proposals for pizza the last 3-4 weekends.  Earlier, our ancestors did use a lot of millets. I have switched to buying TATA’s I-Shakti unpolished dals. The regular dals, I now find have an unnatural sheen. Also, I am trying to use brown rice when possible where it is camouflaged in a pulao or tomato rice.
                             I have also realised the chore of cooking itself can become tedious if I have to repeat the same things over and over again. I am amazed at some of the delightful, innovative, indigenous recipes mothers come up with on all these forums. Coconut yogurt  just to name one. Casein free, it is made from coconut milk, using probiotics. I am also trying to squeeze in coconut oil where possible, for tempering mostly. Hailing form Kerala it is no big deal, but surprised mothers using them to make pancakes, dosas. Coconut oil has great anti-microbial properties.Ever heard of grain free bisibele bath?!
                  The in depth knowledge some mothers have can put the best nutritionist to shame, because they make it their business to give their children the best. They are just reaffirming the golden rules our great grandparents followed from the simple ones to no additives to more stringent ones like no reheating, no using the microwave.
                  In all fairness, I can say I am trying, am nowhere near them, but am happy, I get to tag along with these awesome mothers in their relentless battle against autism. It is awe inspiring, as they share their recipes, triumphs, and sorrows.
                    Maybe I can salvage my ego, saying I do things in moderation! haha.

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