Friday, July 16, 2010


Recently somebody send me the recipe for panniyaram. This is one another mother sharing her GFCF experience with her son. Although off GFCf, I still cannot resist a GFCF recipe when I come across one. Habits die hard! This is her mail to me. I have put it here with her permission.For those who have second thoughts about discontinuing the diet, here is a word of caution from this mother.

Hai viji,
actually i was shocked after reading ur post " All Clear"
i started to worry. that's why i sent a mail to u
Being a parent u know which is good for Ramam ,still i want share our experience so that it will give u an idea
My son Ramesh(9 years old) after the diagnosis at the at the age of 4 immediately we changed the diet. Last 5 years he is on the diet.Being a tamil south indian it is easy for me to change diet with idli dosai, idiyappam, paniyaram, sambar , pongal vadai etc etc
Like u we have also done the food allergy test for my son before two years and came to know he is not allergic to gluten and casein.
but still we don't want to change the diet because after changing the diet at the age of 4 , he started to give eye contact and started to speak.
now my he is verbal (in my mother tongue tamil) he can sing beautifully , playing classical music on keyboard and all (ofcourse behavioural problems are there)
May be it is because of the diet or not.
As a friend , my wishes to Ramam and ur family
one of my friend told me that most of the autistic children are not allergic to gluten and casien. but still gfcf diet is good for them
The recepie for paniyaram is simple.
take the idli mavu
fry little urud dal ,chopped onion , coriander leves, curry leaves
allow it to cool,
then add these to idli mavu
take one nonstick paniyaram pan
add very little oil and pour the paniyaram mavu and cook till it is golden brown

                    Thank you for the receipe, and this mail might be the incentive for parents who need that little extra push to start the diet.There is no harm done in trying the diet strictly for atleast a month and then drawing your own conclusions.Personally as with this mother I also felt Ramam started verbalising after this diet, and his behaviour also improved. An ABA therapist once told me not to associate his speech with his diet as it night be just in sync with his development is just that some children vocalise  late.I did not tell her anything but kept my thoughts to myself.

Arts In Motion

Spreading awareness on Autism, Vivek oberoi, is all set to teach dance to children with autism in Mumbai. Arts in motion will be conducting its annual festival in Chembur. The theme will be "Dance with Joy, Accepting Responsibility, and Understanding Autism”. To know more click When we were in Pune, Shiamak Davar’s foundation had a separate group that worked with children with special needs. Ramam did a stage show with them. Recently now during the summer vacations, in Bangalore, when I checked for Ramam and my daughter Isha, they did a fees waiver for Ramam. They even wanted to take him in along with his age group. It is heartening to receive such  a warm response when you call.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Does Education Help Autistics

After the initial diagnosis, the heartbreaks we eventually accept the problem and stat working with our children. Then somewhere along the line, we decide to start academics. We usually begin with matching, sorting….But there have been many a times I or rather me and my husband have wondered how is academics going to help him. We used to get these constant nagging doubts that  if he cannot take a simple command to fetch a spoon, switch off the fan, close the door………………what is to be achieved by him doing activities across a tabletop. But at all those times we were given assurances to keep working on his commands, we were told he will learn gradually. In introspection, had I waited to teach him academics after he stared taking commands, he would have been nowhere.
                                   I have been reading Soma’s Understanding Autism the Rapid prompt Method, Where she tells you show education can help our children very succinctly. Wish I had read this book a few years back. Nobody could have said it better. She has illustrated it with examples.
                                 To quote her “For example, if a person has learnt about fan, he or she can draw upon information already learned about fans and apply reasoning with appropriate encoding, which leads to correct expectancies. This allows for the integration of learning about the dangers of electricity and moving parts so that he or she can determine to stay away from it, rather than to act on the impulsive instinct to touch the fan.”
                    “Taking it a step further, teaching a student with autism about history or current events leads to a greater understanding of what he or she hears in others’ conversations or the television and radio. This results in a greater understanding of the course of human events, which makes the worlds a more interesting place and the individual a better-rounded, interesting person.”
                “I maintain that greater understanding also leads to a diminishment of excitable behavior.”
                 A Mind is a terrible thing to waste, that definitely is something we as parents would agree with her. Looking back, Ramam’s education helps him read, he relates thing s to some extent and possibly without educating him, I would have been left with practically no choices to engage him constructively. I shall be adding few more posts based on her book as I read along.

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