Friday, January 16, 2015


It is such a beautiful post on silence....I had to share it.

"There is simply silence. Unconscious, unobserved, uncomplicated, quiet. Left alone, I could spend days in this silence".

                            These are those  moments of silence I enjoy with Ramam, knowing we are there for each other, not a spoken word  just sitting next to each other. These are time I wish the world we live is  a less complicated place ,there are no demands and expectations,and never does the unexpected happen. A utopian world for our kids!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

welcome to 2015

Welcoming you all to the first post of 2015
May it be another  year of hope, persevarance and courage for all of us.
Before you know 2014 is over and we are into mid January. Time flies and this is one thing one always should bear in mind.
In most FB groups there is the concept of sharing the progress one makes with their child in that week.Its called differently by different groups, some call it Friday celebrations, Friday gains.
 I think this is a wonderful idea as you set yourself small micro goals that are achievable . Every complex task can be broken into simple steps. This is just an example of how simple the goals can be made.
                        One of Ramam's therapist suggested this to me for his social skills. Call home a small group and the only goal you set for Ramam that evening is he opens the door for the guests. So these are small steps one takes for those giant leaps. Every activity requires huge planning with our kids but is well worth the effort.

                           Striving for independence in all his daily living activities , is another generalized goal I have set for Ram this year. Be it independently able to make 2-3 dishes,getting ready to school. Ramam has this huge problem of being feed back dependent. It puts a spoke in all his activities.

                          On that note of hope and concern wish you all a wonderful year.
                            Makara Sankranti

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