Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This is an appeal to everybody reading this blog. Sunfeast is organising the world premium 10K run. ASHA  (Academy for severe handicaps and autism) is one of the charities registered with the Sunfeast 10k marathon. Ramam studies in this school and it is  a great institution. Running a school  and at that a special school handling a complex problem as autism is quite a challenging task.Resources do always fall short, when running an institution as this. It caters to over 95 families in Bashweshwar nagar, and 50+ families in the early intervention unit in Mahalakshmi layout. They are also planning to open another unit for the adults catering to their vocational needs. All this calls for money and more money. Salaries, administrative costs, overhaeads ....... Please contribute generously  to this cause, as many families from the economically underprivileged  sections benefit immensely from this.To donate please click on this link

Thank you, for your generous contribution. As they say small drops of water make the might ocean, I appeal to all you to make a contribution, however small it may be.At the end of the day, it is our kids from the autistic community who are benefitting.

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