Thursday, May 26, 2011

Education And Vocation

Florence  Church send me a link to her blog  that boasts of 10 colleges offering special programs for people on the ASD spectrum. This is wonderful news. These colleges offer programs which include support groups, special classes and assistance. Only the costs seem  a little prohibitive even by American standards. But then that is the cost of your degree. This is the link to her blog. 10 Impressive Special Colleges       
                                         Here is another website that I came across Jobs For Autism .There is so much happening that it feels good. Recently at the Global Autism Convention, Mr, Thorkil Sonne, Founder, Specialsterne and specialist people foundation, Denmark, spoke of his efforts where he has employed people in the spectrum in the IT industry. He is also a parent. He has 7 yrs of market experience.To know more you can visit their website specialist people 
                               Back home, Meera Raghu is setting up a vocational centre in Bengaluru.  Her contact number is   91 99453 37533. She is taking adults/ children in the age group of 14+. She is in the process of registering new candidates for this academic year. As mentioned in one of my earlier post there is also the vocational centre set up by Mrs. Hema Nataraj.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Global Autism Convention

The global autism convention is being held in Bangalore on the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month at NIMHANS convention centre. Various institutions from Bangalore are collaborating to make this event happen.  ASHA (academy for severe Handicaps and autism) , Autism society of India, IRC, KPAMRC, Spastics Society of Karnataka, St. John’s Hospital, Parivar National federation of Parents’ organization. The Key note address is being given by Ms. Merry Barua. Speakers both from India and abroad will be addressing the gathering. Besides workshops are also being organized on various topics on information and computer technology, play therapy to mention a few.
                   For more information, one can visit their website. The registrations are on. More importantly they have organized for respite care for the three days at the venue @Rs.200 a day. For parents who have already registered, and for those who would like to attend and wondering where to leave their child, this is a piece of good news.
                         I understand a huge amount of effort has gone into organizing a meet of this magnitude. It is in the interest of caregivers to avail this golden opportunity. For more information you can also contact Kannika Iyengar .Her contact number  is 91 99800 16052.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Divine Interlude

This was a sequel to my camping out with Rama. But this time we packed in more punch with the whole family joining in. Father, mother, son and daughter. Organized by Akhila and Ram from Coimbatore in tie up with NALS an Adventure company, we had a lovely, memorable holiday. We were a group of six families. The comfort level was so high, the company great, the food excellent, the weather to die for, the experience sheer joy.
                             We were put up in dorms with three tier beds and the kids freaked out. Isha had company with siblings who had also brothers with similar problem. And I even found her exchanging notes with them!!!!!!!! My brother kisses me, he can read ….
                           We did the usual activities, rope, trekking, bit of water play….Isha was the first to volunteer for the rope activity and Ramam followed suit. The treks were beautiful and the last one lasted about 2 hrs. Gave you an idea as to how much you can push yourself. The team of  NALS were very cooperative, and cheerful. Akhila also gave them a briefing on autism. Never miss an opportunity to spread awareness. The interest was genuine from their side.
                One memory that stayed with me and that I want to share  is this. Some of our kids are sensitive to getting wet. While trekking, there were small rivulets and puddles on the way. This mother was careful, that her son did not get his shoes wet. Her son is 20yrs old and  has motor difficulties also. In a moment of exasperation, trying to get him step on the stones and not water she sighed and said “My dear son of God”. I was right behind her. The phrase somehow sounded very soothing and beautiful to me at that point of time. I looked at that boy’s smiling face and felt he indeed was very dear to GOD. Somehow the utterance changed the connotation, the situation itself. She could have shouted at him, cursed him. I do it sometimes and I revert to my mother tongue when I curse.  I instantly felt what a wrong thing it is to do that. These children have but us, their immediate family. A Christian, the mother must have not thought so much while saying it, it is just a way of expression for her, but to me it sounded very right. The way the mother handled the child, I felt God must be choosing the parents carefully, although I deny the theories we are the chosen ones.
                  So that‘s it. But we 4 earned a well deserved break. Cut off from civilization, in the pristine beauty of nature, it was one of our best holidays.

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