Friday, November 11, 2011

Labour Of Love

Some of the parents in Bubbles school have been practicing for the program that they are going to stage for the kids for the childrens' day, the first words that come to my mind is that it is a labour of love. What is it that about our kids that we don't seem to be doing enough for them. The mothers start their days quite early, some of them had a bad night's sleep,but come practice time there they are all ready for it.
The day doesn't end at that. They go back home, feed the kids, most of them have therapy slots in the afternoon and evening. In between the cooking, cleaning washing, feeding......... , they find time to make the props for the play, buy accessories for the costume, have time to surf for the dance song, practice the beat. One can do this kind of rigamarole only if you are absolutely dedicated and selfless. There is only one purpose to life and that is the kids. These mothers are juggling so many acts in a day. Some of them travel by public transport, some of them have more kids to handle at home. But there they are, agonizing over the smallest details, delegating tasks amongst themselves. It is also lots of fun, there is easy camaraderie, leg pulling, eating.....maybe these moments take away the tediousness and drudgery of everyday life.
They are attuned to every little cry, sound that comes from the school building. Then a discussion follows as to that particular child has been restless off late, or a child is not keeping well,.....there is no dearth of causes for concern. To come in and wait everyday , the whole time can itself be very demanding,not to speak of the household chores that are pending, not being able to attend to any outside work that demand urgent attention. Hats off to all these mothers.
Taking it a level higher are mothers like merry barua who are also fighting for the rights of the autistic community. As Sarbani who attended the meeting at Delhi was mentioning, the new law that is to be passed has some major complications over issues such as guardianship. The autistic adults will have to be their own guardian, something like they cannot have a legally appointed guardian. This means that somebody can cheat them of their rights, get them to sign documents . This can be very dangerous as these adults may unknowingly sign away their property,rights....As mothers like Merry are roughing it out on a lot of major issues, on a larger scale, here are mothers especially of those little ones in the age group 4-6 yrs,hoping against hope for the smallest breakthrough.
All set for the children's day celebrations at Bubbles tomorrow.

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