Monday, October 27, 2014

Bio medical intervention

Another Diwali has come and gone. Another year gone by. Year endings make me a little jittery and introspective. Standing again on the brink of  taking a decision as to do decide whether to attempt another major round of biomedical intervention and detoxification for Ram, but this time around planning to do it on self too  to feel the "effects" so as to speak.
                              So many names doing the rounds of detoxification from the milder ones as living clay, Dr. Hulda Clark, Klinghardt to the big ones as CD protocol. Then there are the simpler ones as simple as giving two  neem capsules a day  to detox. Another question  I was asked "what are you targeting  metal, parasite .....what detoxification". Amazed at all mothers who are so clear headed on their choices whether it is bio medical intervention or use of teaching techniques.
                             The only thing I am clear is that I have to do some thing more than just teaching and therapies. The desire to have a meaningful converstion, shift from words/ phrases to more sentences , better engagement with people is so strong that seriously contemplating another round of bio medical intervention. Mothers who were anti bio med intervention so to speak are swearing by the CD protocol. It is making it all the more alluring to me.
                                May this Diwali bring in joy and happiness and the strength to take decisions that will help our children.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Music in our house

I begin my day everyday with the song Ekdantay Vakratandaya by Shankar Mahadevan.( everyone has their OCD's) This is followed by my daughter's request for the Rihanna- Eminem song  The Monster. Ramam grew up on a staple diet of Pink Floyd, Dire straits, Hotel of California, Fusion music ,......... all my husband's choices. And in between I would also administer my doses of classical music.                                
                                       But with my daughter growing up, she is bringing in  new sounds of music, Katty Perry, Rihanna....... And more importantly she wants to share  her music. Listen to this one , and that one. Ramam is yet to sample this brand of music. And so now, there is a major confluence of music at home. When at home, she plays hers, in the car it is Ramam's choice.
                                     Never thought , there would come a day when Isha would have  a say in the choice of music. It is a novel experience  because with Ramam our choice was his
                                      And for now, our choice of music  is being dictated by our kids and not the other way round..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

India inclusion summit 2014

The india inclusion summit is  being organised in the month of November.  One of the highlights of the event is a charity dinner on the eve of the summit, Nov 28th at the park plaza in Bangalore. The summit includes speakers from diverse fields speaking on the topic of inclusion on one platform. Prominent among the speakers in the past are  Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Justice Santosh Hegde, Kiran Bedi, Anita Nair, Thorkil Sonne, Devdutt Pattanaik, Malathi Holla, among others.
The most awaited speaker  I would be looking forward to this year , would  be Temple Grandin.

For more details you can log in to their website

Monday, October 13, 2014

RPM and Son-rise

RPM ( Rapid prompting method) and Son rise  techniques presume  the same things , the competence of the child. The abiding faith in both these techniques is that the child holds a lot of promise.
                       The RPM is a technique that was started by Soma Mukhopadhyay to teach her autistic son Tito .
                              I started RPM with Ramam  about two- three month s back. It is very encouraging when he requests for RPM sessions which he calls TALK Time. In the initial sessions , it is imperative to boost the child's confidence and ensure he gets to give the correct answers. There is little testing involved in the initial stages.It can be used to work on academics, communication....what RPM has done is, it has  encouraged me to look at academics again. As a matter of fact , RPM has encouraged  me to start teaching him again. I was focusing  only on communication last 2-3 years.
                              I am a newbie  at this. RPM has had its share of controversies.  However , it has given me a new focus. Unless you teach them, how do they learn?  They might  learn some from the environment, but as they sorely lack in pragmatic language they are not going to question or request you . My nine yr old daughter is so inquisitive and she wants answers to all her questions.
                     Recently I did an RPM session with him on a book "Just saving my money". The next day we opened a piggy bank for him at home. He was excited with the idea. Next day he mentioned the word  saving account. Although I am not sure, how much has he actually understood.  I involved him in online shopping for Diwali. He was happy to receive the Tshirt he had ordered.

                  As I mentioned earlier, both the techniques give you hope. The blog  by lencrandall helps us understand RPM.   Soma's  books also help you understand the nuances as what kind of a learner your child is . Is he an auditory/visual /selective visual learner. This helps you to adapt your teaching method to suit the child.
                 RPM as I see is another chance to take control of things for Ramam and teach him something new everyday.


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