Friday, November 21, 2014

Proloquo2 go

Recently, I , my daughter and Ramam were on the bed humming some songs. Ramam turned to me and said " I don't want to sing Tamil songs". I remembered the Cadbury Bournville ad which says "You have to earn it". I was so happy and this  happiness is truly well deserved and earned. I may be boasting but then I don't care.

                   This is not the longest sentence he has spoken but, the clarity of thought impressed me. It has been a very phased improvement from , No singing .... I don't want to sing..............I don't want to sing Tamil songs. What excited me was the use of the word Tamil to specify the language, put it in a sentence and express himself .

                    When you are counting, how many words can your son speak, is it a phrase or a sentence how long is the sentence , every small victory gives me a huge kick. However the intention of this post is to talk about the AAC app Proloquo2 go . I have not been able to put it to use in the conventional mode as it was meant to be. It has been just another app on my iPad for sometime now. I knew it is an excellent app but not knowing how exactly to go about it, it just was there and Ramam would occasionally type using it.

                     Coming back to " I don't want to sing Tamil songs",  of late I wanted Ramam  to be specific when he requested for music. There is a folder FUN in the app and sub folders such as Music, games, leisure and whatever you choose to add. In the sub folder music , I again added buttons specific to the kind of music he likes. One of the buttons was Tamil songs.So when he made that remark, he has generalised it as well.
                   Just tried  using proloquo2 go along with RPM . Another primary use of Proloquo , I think is helping with sentence construction as he chooses words from different folders as action words, pronouns, describing words.He rewrote a sentence "Taxi came at great speed" from a text book, to " Taxi came fast and subsequently changed it  to really fast in Proloquo2 go.  I am really really hoping things open up for Ramam on the communication front.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


No routine transfers for govt staff with autistic kids

NEW DELHI, Nov 17, 2014, DHNS:
Central government employees who have autistic children will not have to face routine transfers any more.

Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh on Monday took the decision to include autism in a list with the Department of Disability, after the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) examined the scope of bringing the developmental disorder under the definition of disabled.
“Considering the fact that a child with autism spectrum disorder requires constant support of a caregiver and it would be imperative for government employees with such children to take of their child on a continuous basis, it has been decided to include ‘autism’ in the term ‘disabled’ in the office memorandum,” read a DoPT.

                     I am not sure if this benefit is extended to the armed forces also.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Useful websites

Came across these two websites on FB groups.

The website has lesson plans and units, reading passages, The lesson plans are again subdivided based on skill and comprehension. However the books listed are quite expensive. The lesson plans can be adapted to the books one already  has. The reading passages are free and very good. They can can be clubbed with the books mentioned. There is so much to comprehension from drawing conclusions ,sequencing, character analysis. it gives a structured approach both grade and skill wise. It is a wonderful website. I recently tried it with a book I had with me " The snail and the whale" by Julia Donaldson. Ramam enjoys this book, and I modified the lesson plan to suit this book. Soon , was comparing the physical and character attributes of the whale and the snail , generalized it with Ramam and his sister ,Isha. I would not have thought of doing all of this on my own.

News for your classroom
   It is new for kids,by kids. Hosted by the scholastic group,  , one can find current event articles.Not all of it might make sense,like US elections, but one can pick and choose , but it is a good way to engage our kids  They have classroom magazines too, both print and digital. Watched one of their videos, it has been put together very neatly in simple words.

Google Autism Search Results