Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bringing up Isha

Recently ,  I , my daughter and Ramam had gone for a walk and my daughter told me in all seriousness, "Amma , Ramam must never get lost". I agreed with her but the reason she gave me, startled me.She said "Amma , he cannot even beg." Hearing it from my 6yr old daughter, I wondered  what an uncanny thing for her to say. I narrated this talk we had  to my husband , in her presence .He added, that she will have to probably have to look after him after our time, she immediately replied, that he will have to fit into her marriage or probably married life is what she meant.
                        So many things that my daughter understands , speaks , recalls  amazes me, then all leaves me with a feeling of sadness , how much my son has lost out in life already. Looking at some old photos , she can recall the dress she had , where the table had been placed in the room . Having a child who is so outspoken, can also have it's heartaches. There was this ad for Johnson baby oil , on TV, the mother giving her baby an oil massage. I was watching the changing emotions on her face. I asked her if she remembers  me doing all this for her, she just clamped up and said, "I don't know if you did all this for me ".I was hurt. For a girl who express her views on anything and everything under the sun she said , "I don't want to talk about it."
                       In all fairness, she also gives me compliments also ," You are already so good , Ma". Even as I type this, I know , Isha is not going to be happy reading this , years down the line.  She will be unhappy I shared this on a public platform. I am coming to  terms with the fact, that she is quite independent, has strong views and has accepted our family the way it is. Some-days , I warn her that  evening, I may get  delayed by 5-10 min in picking her up back from school as Ramam has a therapy . She is ok with it, as long as I have informed  her in the morning. She loves Ramam for sure, plays with him, but she also clear about time that she wants to herself. I am told by other parents that the siblings ,are generally  more mature, intuitive  and independent than their counterparts.All I can do is nod my head in agreement

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