Monday, February 28, 2011

My experience with the census

After attending the meeting organized by ALFAA, I was for once, looking forward to   meeting a government official, somebody from the census board.  I was also pumped up after watching the commercials being aired on TV to include disabled persons, no matter what the disability in the census. Autism as of now is not mentioned in the census which is very sad, given the fact it is increasing at an alarming pace. It is it is clubbed with “others” in the disability category.
                                         Unfortunately for me, the official turned up at my doorstep at an inopportune time. Ramam was in a foul mood, and I requested him to come after 10 minutes. I requested him to complete the formalities for the other apartments on my floor. He then told me initially it was now or never. Then finally he acceded to my request but did not turn up. I was fuming. I blamed the government, the inefficiencies, and the state of affairs. I thought I will shoot letters right, left and centre. I was thoroughly disappointed.
                               The following week , to my surprise, this gentleman turned up at my doorstep. I have never been so pleased to see somebody. He was courteous, and I explained autism in detail to him. I felt relieved in some sense to have done my bit. So please next time a census official knocks on your door, mention the problem. It comes under the sub heading numbered 6 in the disability category. This is crucial, as unless we have the numbers we cannot push the government to take notice of the problem.
                                    Also there are some visual schedules developed by the Dr. Nandini  Mundkar , Director ,CCDC , Malleswaram  on sale. Visual cards for toilet training , brushing….There are various  laminated cards for various activities, each costing RS.12. For more information on centre for child development and disabilities visit their  website or write to us at

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kudos to this team

A friend of mine called me up and told me about this article in  The Hindu Metro plus today's edition. The chefs of Hotel Sheraton have been creating mouth watering GFCF receipes for the students at V-excel educational trust. For those of you who have not heard of V-excel, the school handles CP and autistic children.They have implemented this program for the children for the last  2 years  in the school with good results.Three cheers to such wonderful meaningful partnerships.
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