Friday, December 10, 2010

Growing Old

                                  Growing old and how? Do I watch out for those tell-tale signs of ageing? The first grey hair, the odd wrinkle, ……. Are these telling me that I am growing old?  No, not really, in a roundabout way it is Ramam letting me know, Amma, you are growing old. As I see mothers of the younger ones discussing the initial diagnosis, seeking advice on potty training, quite unwittingly have I fallen in to the senior bracket! His needs to attend to nature‘s call in public place is another way of me knowing that he is a big boy and me no young either. He now uses only the gents’ toilet. Gone are the days when he would accompany me to the ladies toilet. And the big, big giveaway, is my receding hairline and my son beginning to sport the first minute traces of facial hair on his upper lip. It would be ridiculous to call it a moustache, but yes it is very much there for a pair of trained eyes to see. And of course that would be me and my husband.
                                  Then I come back to the question growing old and how? .Before long, I would wake up to find that Ramam would be 20. My days may not be dictated by his therapy schedule. The journey began long ago. It is akin to crossing a bridge, from point A to point B, crossing it being inevitable. But when you have the support and understanding of your loved ones, it is easier. Somebody with whom you can talk to what Ramam was when he was 2yrs old and laugh over it, lest the journey be too tedious, somebody to share your moments with, somebody to share the responsibilities. Sometimes I do wonder what Rama would like as a 40 yr old.
                            Sometimes it makes me ponder about life. In the year and half that I moved to Bangalore, two mothers have been widowed, one’s husband is in and out of the hospital, somebody’s husband has lost his job. Apart from the major task of handling an autistic child, how many other upheavals do parents face? At the end of the day, I just pray let my family be there for me as I grow old and so there I have answered the HOW. Anyway it is not such a rosy picture as I paint it to be as there some frictions, minor tensions, brick bats along the way. It is but natural there are some thunderstorms and even tsunamis ,but they abate leaving me thankful for what I have!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do It Now For Your Child

This is an earnest request to all of you readers, especially parents, serving the autistic community to go online and sign the petition which says not to repeal the National Trust act. We must not lose sight of the basic character, nomenclature, and objectives of this act. The National Trust act serves to take care of the interest of our children. The thought that is uppermost on every parent’s mind is what after us?  To take action, please click on the link below
                        Also visiting their website also gives you an insight as o the services, insurance schemes, respite care schemes that are made available to our children. At least somebody in the ministry has put some thought and effort in anticipating the requirement of this special community. The sad part is nothing works at the moment.
                           The least all of us can do, is to join our hands together, go onboard and sign the online petition   and when………………..NOW, NOW, NOW. The more noise we make, the more our children stand to benefit better.

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