Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Yogurt parfait.

As a part of the non fire series , I started with yogurt parfait , as that is something he enjoys. 
To begin wash and chop the fruits that would go into the parfait.
 Take 500g of thick curd, place it in a  cheese cloth and make a knot , the whey collects in a vessel at the bottom. Drain for an hour.  
Next whisk the hung curd , sugar( 1 tbsp)and fresh  cream (200ml)in a mixing bowl.Stir in the mixed fruit jam ( 2 tbsp) and vanilla extract(1/2 tsp)and nutmeg/ cardamom powder(1/4 tsp).
 Take about 100g of digestive biscuits, place them in a ziplock bag and polverize it to a bread crumb consistency , not to a powdery form... Add sugar( 1 tbsp) and 2 tbsp melted butter to this.

Assembling the ingredients
Place the 2 tbsp  yougurt in the glass, sprinkle the biscuit crumbs over the yogurt,put in the chopped fruits, again spoon some yogurt and repeat the process.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


At the outset categorisation sounds easy and simple , given a set of flash cards and the child is asked to sort the pictures into categories , transport, fruits , vegetables, clothing.That would be the basic sorting. However Categorization is a difficult skill for children on the spectrum, and for children with speech disorders and cognitive abilities.Dwell a little deeper into categorisation, categorise transport into air, road  and water, categorize household items. A little deeper , state the functions and ask the child to categorise given the functions of the object, categorise objects in a room, it gets a little trickier.  Identify an object by the senses. For example it taste sweet/ sour. It grows on vines and is green or black in colour. It is a fruit. Name the fruit. Or try giving the objects in a category and ask them to name the category. Taking it a step ahead , discriminate among a given set of objects , pencil, pen,chalk ,door . What is not used for writing? Furthermore given a category , say body parts, ask the child to name 10 different body parts. Categorization is also very important not just as part of receptive language skills but enhancing expressive language skills. There are some good apps for iPad that help with categorization.

Tactus therapy has an app , category therapy. They have a lite version, which you can check out.
Smarty ears has an app by the name Describe it to me.
Pocket SLP app has also an app by the similar name Describe it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Perler beads activities

I find the perler beads activity an engaging one.It was introduced to me by my daughter. Whether it is making cartoon characters or coasters , this one helps in focussing, copying patterns, fine motor skills  and in moving towards independent work skills . Works as a family fun activity as well .To see the designs emerge after placing it on the iron board, gives you  a sense of creative satisfaction. Parental supervision will be required. More pictures on my fb page.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Alexa and Autism

For a start, they both begin with A. Is there more to Alexa , than just requesting songs.  There is this interesting article on use of Alexa in a classroom from the blog Autism Vault. From setting timers, to answering /asking questions, to encouraging the kids to articulate clearly , the author puts those view points in favour of Alexa.  At home parents find varied uses for it as in making lesson plans for their kids,guided meditation, working on giving commands.... The timer functions of Alexa helps in giving clear start / stop instructions for activities like cooking or other tasks. I could think of spaces like restrooms, where you want to give the person his privacy but give the necessary prompts to move on to the next activity.There are some parents  with kids on the Retts syndrome who have hooked it up with Tobi eye gaze system. Alexa seems to be a good thing to help with independence goals. This is an article in favor of this view point , However, the author does caution that people should not use technology to bypass the much needed hands on personal care training required.

                                        On the flip side, some parents feels it has not really helped with speech, and unintelligible speech is not rewarded and hence acts as a deterrent , more to the point it doesn't reward  intelligible speech with a Thank you! As with everything on the spectrum , unless one tries it out , one would not be able  to say if it works or not for their child.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Teaching punctuation

I just checked out some books from the local library to teach Ramam punctuation.
Here are the titles.

Punctuation takes a vacation
Punctuation station
Alfie the apostrophe
Yo! yes
The girl's like spaghetti, why, you cant imagine without apostrophes!
Greedy Apostrophe: a cautionary tale.
Twenty-odd ducks: why , every punctuation mark counts!

                               The illustrations are a delight in themselves in all the books.  This one is form the book, twenty- odd ducks.

                                             The punctuation station book also has some beautiful illustrations with a ticket window for the tall animals and an another one for the shorter ones, My 6 th grader daughter also enjoyed these books.

                                             The punctuation takes a vacation lends itself to humor with the comma calling themselves the list makers, the exclamatory marks calling themselves emotional. More importantly they drive home the importance of punctuation, without boring you. Wish I had  these books to read when growing up!

                                           All the books listed are a must -read!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Ramam being in ESE high school, my priorities as to what I should teach him in functional academics seems to be getting clearer. This would be a long term project with the beginning, interim and advanced stages.
a) One being to execute a simple transaction, which would be to do with word problems and actual handling of money.
b)To know where to look for the items in the correct aisles
c)To know after a purchase where would the things go in , do they belong to the pantry, to the fridge, basically categorization
d) Making a grocery list
e) Buy items needed selectively for a recipe.
f) Compare the prices of generic and branded products
g) Understand the savings when buying things on a discount.
h) comparing the prices online, with brick and mortar stores.
i) Making a budget to go shopping
Now to begin the process I the process. Eventually a used the online shopping app of Publix and their fliers.I found the app Proloquo2 go very handy to help me put the categorization in place. I give Ramam  pictures form the flyers and ask him to categorize. Eventually I plan to give a list and ask him to look for items in the correct aisles.  

I shall keep posting when I make some progress:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Facts , facts

I found these two websites good for non -fiction passages for RPM

Friday, March 18, 2016

Re-telling a story

Retelling a story is not always easy for a child on the spectrum, communication difficulties, articulating difficulties, structure sequencing, comprehension. It has been my goal for a long time that Ramam should be able to tell a  story independently, but my concerns swing left  right , center and I lose sight of the goals .
                                 I was looking at some of my son rise notes , it was my goal back then about 5-6 years back and I still had not accomplished it. I unearthed materials I had made long back, did some online reading, found some graphic organizers I liked, The scoop chart , The First-Next-Then-Finally sequence of the story.
                                     The first picture are simple stories cut out from the magazine Magic Pot.


 The second being the SCOOP Chart.

                    And so it is back to story re-telling. I also vary the stories with unexpected endings. I tried a different version of the hare and tortoise race, where they were actually racing on a motor cycle , and how the hare lost the race by forgetting to follow traffic rules and carrying his helmet .Ramam enjoyed every bit of it.

The joy of teaching and learning

I did a lesson with my son on rainbows.This was actually a lesson on the  why's of weather.
          To actually explain the phenomenon of rainbow, I had to explain how when light passes through a 3D prism the white light breaks into seven components.  There were no prisms in the sky and how water droplets act as prism.  I knew it was very vague for him. And so I drew a diagram of a prism , still had my doubts because it was important for him to understand the difference between a 2d and 3d object. So I explained the various 2 Dand 3D shapes.
                         I then drew a 2 d pizza and exclaimed how boring and then drew a 3 d pizza and  told him " How exciting"! My drawings have their limitations :) I still was not sure if he understood the concept. I went on to give examples of 3D movies, tried to explain the concept of depth.
                   By now, I had digressed from the topic of rainbow . So I actually found a  glass prism like object and showed the dispersion of life. The joy on his face was so worth it. My daughter and I were also super excited. Not yet figured how to upload photos from the iPad on to the blog , so will have to make do with the post sans the photo :((
                    There is so much joy in teaching and learning.......


Monday, March 14, 2016

Articulation drills

Doing the rounds of articulation drills with Ramam. He has complied so far, but just to make it little fun we did this.

We wove a story around the "At" words...

 The CAT chased the RAT.
 The RAT hid under the MAT.
 The CAT hit the HAT with a BAT.
 The RAT hid under the MAT.
 Postman  PAT scooped up his CAT.

And then came the "An" words, we were a little more adventurous with them.

The MAN tossed the empty CAN.
The CAN landed on the PAN.
The chef  tossed the PAN.
The CAN hit the FAN.
The Can flew out of the window into a moving VAN.
Sometimes things don't work as per PLAN:)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Dirty Everest

We watched the movie Everest recently. Ramam gave it a thumbs up and said he enjoyed it. Later at home during one of his talk time sessions , this is what he had to say about Everest.
                                              Dirty Everest , it scares everyone. He also added it is close to the moon. :):):)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The crocodile's teeth, an attempt at creative writing

A story told by Ramam, with some inputs from me. He began the story saying there was a crocodile and something  got stuck in it's teeth. The crocodile wanted to remove it.  I asked him how to go about it and he suggested using a tooth brush. I said neither the crocodile has hands or tooth brush, We  had recently read a passage on invention of tooth brush, where earlier people used animal hair for the brush. So he suggested we use  tiger's hair and the lion could brush the teeth for the crocodile. The story ends with a simple " Thank you" and  "welcome" by the crocodile and lion respectively.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sentence construction board

The sentence board has a long story to it. It had its humble beginnings with a carpenter going about the simple task of cutting a piece of plywood at home. However a lot of foresight, planning went into it. Frankly speaking the sentence board was way ahead of its time.   It was my hubby’s idea. Soon the board was ready and therein began the task of deciding what words Ramam would want to use in his everyday life.
                     A quick inventory of his favourite food, activities, and objects was taken. This was easy, we were just looking at nouns.  I am a pro at this, having done this inventory taking with various therapists trying to teach him various things such as making choices, language, fine motor skills. Then came the verbs, adjectives, phrases, (I want, I don’t want, please give me). And then a long list of all the helping verbs, prepositions, conjunctions… soon the ambitious project was already weighing us down. Then came the task of sorting and then putting them in boxes labelled it as nouns, verbs all of course colour coded to make life easy for ram. We were finally ready with the board, the cards with affixed Velcro.
                                              Then came the task of getting him to use the board, but that was surprisingly the easy part, he took to it easily. He soon began to wear us down with the same requests every time. Somebody came up with the brilliant suggestion rotate the cards, so that he knows these are the choices available to him. So every day morning I set about doing this meticulously. A pouch was made and hung next to the board so that he could put all the used cards and no they were no longer available to him during the day.
                                         Before long, the house was full of these cards.  I have no idea how it happened.  Ramam started playing with these cards. If I remember right he started pulling out the cards from the pouch and started playing with them. My husband would shout, “I found them lying here!”. The maid when sweeping would hand over few cards. Much later I realized there were other parents also who shared similar experiences. The cards had become playthings but we were not to give up easily.
                                             We lugged the board through three transfers. I no longer have the cards with me, but the much weathered board now has a place of pride in his study room. One or two cards do pop up sometimes at the bottom of some box and we reminisce about those days. I made a different set of cards but this time the purpose of the board is different. It is a sentence construction board. I have made a set of cards specific to a picture we are going to talk about.  The cards are all of various sizes, not color-coded…. but are serving the purpose. And Ramam enjoys the activity. An hour just whizzes by.

The board has finally arrived!!!


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