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Apps On Ramam’s I-pad

Apps On Ramam’s I-pad

Broadly I have classified the apps on Rama’s i-pad as follows. The apps on the I-pad are a mix of what both Ramam and my daughter Isha use. There was a time, when we started the diet for Ramam, I did extensive reading on it, am now doing it again for the apps. More first, on the language and communication apps. Just like you begin anything new, in the Indian tradition by invoking God, let me begin with Om Steve Jobs Namaha:

The Communication apps: The highly recommended apps for a child on the spectrum –Proloquo-2-go right from Carly to almost everybody, dealing with autism. I have already written about proloquo on the blog. The APP as, I would say. Expensive but worth it. There are also many other apps, Tap to Talk, My talk, Grace app …

The Language apps: Story builder and the sentence builder apps by the Mobile education store. I tried the story builder app first. This has three different levels of difficulty and you can suitably set it to your child’s level. For Ramam, I have set it at level 1. Simple leading questions are put to the child, what time of the year is it. The pictures are excellent. At level 3, only the picture is given and the child has to make the story by himself. You can repeat a question; choose your picture ….The sentence builder lets you scroll through a set of words to arrive at a grammatically correct sentence for a given picture.

The Milo series-Speech with Milo. I have tried only one – Sequencing with Milo, which is simple 3-step sequencing. They also have verbs with Milo, prepositions, interactive story books.

Lets name things Fun deck is also an interesting app. For example, name things at school, one has to make your own list, but it helps you to start thinking on those lines. It is an activity in itself.

There are more wonderful apps for language building, and many are on my wish list! So I shall add them at the end.

The Articulation apps: Articulation! , ArtikPix. As it was pointed out to me, it has to be highly situational. When the child demands something, them insists on articulation, repeat the word for him and help him articulate better every time. I concur with it. The good thing with Artikpix is, it also focuses on beginning, middle and ending sounds. Say for instance, words beginning with th sound, ending with th sound and word with th in between.

Spelling apps: Dolch words, Spell-A –Word, Montessori crosswords by L’Escapadou. The last one is an excellent app to teach spelling by using phonics. It has beautiful graphics, soothing background score. If you have to go for one app for spelling, this would be it. Spell a –word helps you make a word list for each child, edit it, choose from words from a set of existing heads as colors, life cycles. The problem with Spell-A –word is it hangs in between.

Math skills: Epic math, Bubbling math, For kids, KidsMath fun. These apps focus on the basic math concepts of addition, subtraction and are at an elementary level. There is also another app Fill the cup, but it is more for concepts of fractions, measurements, multiplication.

ABA apps: Apps by Feature, Healthy habits, Actions.

Alligator apps Touch and learn series - which does not belong, emotions.

There are many ABA apps for teaching from your ABCs to working on reasoning skills. The good thing about the touch to learn series is they shuffle the cards, so you don’t do it by rote as with our kids. Interposing each picture with your question when working with these apps might be a good thing to do. Say a picture for climbing, various questions what is he climbing, where is the boy playing…, basically the WH questions.

Preschooler apps: Injini game suite, again one of the most recommended apps, clean up, farm animals, ABCs and me , Mouse and fish.

Books and stories: I like Books by Grasshopper apps, 29 books in all for 0 .99 cents, beautifully illustrated, Touchy books HD, The BOOK BOX stories, The Enormous carrot (Ramam love it, a story that is does in his school also), there are many many more. The problem here is Ramam gets fixated on some of them such as princess and the Pea.

Time apps: kids time fun, Jungle time

Creative skills: Skitch, Magic slate, Doodle. They also double up as black boards for teaching concepts. One such app is Educreations. I recently downloaded it .It is a white board, with markers, you can add photos from your library, internet, or take a picture. You can draw, talk ,record, simultaneously, subsequently play it like a movie. And it is free! Excellent for picture talk, story building.

Pretend Play: Play time theatre, more of my daughter. The Toca Boca apps, with simple themes as Tea party, Doctor, birthday party. Again, I have to insist with Ramam, to use language with the apps, rather than just moving the plates and tea cup around. For example with the tea party theme, one can encourage the child to use simple sentences, such as can you pass the cookies, give me more, I am hungry.…. .Ramam participates but is silent most of the time. He is finding it really difficult to elicit the sound he wants.

Apps on Emotions: The touch and learn series on emotions as already mentioned, Autism Express, emotions by Allligator apps.

Games: Just to mention a few, My play home, Hannah, Fruit Ninja, Analogies4 kids, Subway, cut the rope, dodge Dot, Crazy monkey, Angry birds, Air hockey,

On the Radar: The reviews are good but I am yet to purcahse them. The above mentioned apps have been tried by me. These are a mix of fun, language, educational apps.

Dexteria , a medical app by Dexteria, for fine motor skills,

WH questions at school, Fun Deck most of the questions , not applicable to special schools, (which house do you belong to) but gives you an idea to frame the questions.

Name that category, Fundeck.

Wh questions, Smarty ears.

Preposition Remix , smarty ears,( Age of remixes and remakes!)

Scene speak, Karma publications.

Puff-the Magic dragon.

Millie and the lost key by Mega Pops.

ABA problem solving series.

Stories 2 learn.

Cookie doodle by Shoe the Goose,

SuperWhy by PBS kids

It has been a time consuming post , will end it here.

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