Friday, March 18, 2016

Re-telling a story

Retelling a story is not always easy for a child on the spectrum, communication difficulties, articulating difficulties, structure sequencing, comprehension. It has been my goal for a long time that Ramam should be able to tell a  story independently, but my concerns swing left  right , center and I lose sight of the goals .
                                 I was looking at some of my son rise notes , it was my goal back then about 5-6 years back and I still had not accomplished it. I unearthed materials I had made long back, did some online reading, found some graphic organizers I liked, The scoop chart , The First-Next-Then-Finally sequence of the story.
                                     The first picture are simple stories cut out from the magazine Magic Pot.


 The second being the SCOOP Chart.

                    And so it is back to story re-telling. I also vary the stories with unexpected endings. I tried a different version of the hare and tortoise race, where they were actually racing on a motor cycle , and how the hare lost the race by forgetting to follow traffic rules and carrying his helmet .Ramam enjoyed every bit of it.

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Shrilampi said...

Hi Viji,
This blog is an amazing and inspiring space. Thank you for sharing your story.
My name is Shrilaxmi and I run a non profit site called Me facto - where people from all walks of life share their stories of trials and triumphs to lit a spark of hope and positivity.
We at Me facto would be delighted and extremely grateful to you if you would share your story in the context of mothers day this may.
You are an amazing mother and great inspiration.
Thank you.
Shrilaxmi Hegde

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