Friday, March 18, 2016

The joy of teaching and learning

I did a lesson with my son on rainbows.This was actually a lesson on the  why's of weather.
          To actually explain the phenomenon of rainbow, I had to explain how when light passes through a 3D prism the white light breaks into seven components.  There were no prisms in the sky and how water droplets act as prism.  I knew it was very vague for him. And so I drew a diagram of a prism , still had my doubts because it was important for him to understand the difference between a 2d and 3d object. So I explained the various 2 Dand 3D shapes.
                         I then drew a 2 d pizza and exclaimed how boring and then drew a 3 d pizza and  told him " How exciting"! My drawings have their limitations :) I still was not sure if he understood the concept. I went on to give examples of 3D movies, tried to explain the concept of depth.
                   By now, I had digressed from the topic of rainbow . So I actually found a  glass prism like object and showed the dispersion of life. The joy on his face was so worth it. My daughter and I were also super excited. Not yet figured how to upload photos from the iPad on to the blog , so will have to make do with the post sans the photo :((
                    There is so much joy in teaching and learning.......


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