Friday, March 10, 2017

Ramam being in ESE high school, my priorities as to what I should teach him in functional academics seems to be getting clearer. This would be a long term project with the beginning, interim and advanced stages.
a) One being to execute a simple transaction, which would be to do with word problems and actual handling of money.
b)To know where to look for the items in the correct aisles
c)To know after a purchase where would the things go in , do they belong to the pantry, to the fridge, basically categorization
d) Making a grocery list
e) Buy items needed selectively for a recipe.
f) Compare the prices of generic and branded products
g) Understand the savings when buying things on a discount.
h) comparing the prices online, with brick and mortar stores.
i) Making a budget to go shopping
Now to begin the process I the process. Eventually a used the online shopping app of Publix and their fliers.I found the app Proloquo2 go very handy to help me put the categorization in place. I give Ramam  pictures form the flyers and ask him to categorize. Eventually I plan to give a list and ask him to look for items in the correct aisles.  

I shall keep posting when I make some progress:)

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