Monday, March 2, 2009

Thumb impression cookies

½ cup ghee
¼ th cup white sugar
1 egg separated
½ tsp vanilla extract, again there is a gluten free vanilla extract, or try making your own with vanilla sticks.
1 cup organ all purpose flour (140g)
1/8 tsp salt, in some recipes you find kosher salt being used. The grains are larger; it is additive free (iodine free) and tends to make the flavours clearer.
1 cup Orgran All-purpose flour
3/4 th cup nuts .I use walnuts or almonds.
½ cup jam. This is optional if you want a longer shelf life.
In a bowl whisk the ghee and sugar until fluffy .Add the vanilla extract and egg yolk and beat.In a separate bowl whisk the flour and salt. Add the ghee batter to the flour mixture and combine. If the dough is soft, refrigerate for 30 minutes in a plastic wrap. In a small bowl beat the egg white till frothy. Make balls of the dough; roll it in the egg whites and then the nuts. Bake at 180 degrees for 12 minutes on a greased cookie sheet or till the nuts tend to become brown. Some cookies tend to break; I firm them up and put them back on the sheet to bake. Makes about 10 cookies. When rolling the balls make an indentation at the centre with your thumb. I generally fill the jam when they are fresh out of oven. Leave them to cool.Only two were left when I realised I had not clicked my pictures.He enjoyed the cookies more for the jam part of it.I had also sprinkled some sugar on it.

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