Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer is here!

I tried out these juices for my son, healthier way to keep him hydrated and nourished, this summer.
2 apples
1 medium beet
2 oranges
3 carrots
Peel the fruits other than apple. The apple peel  has a lot of nutritive value. Slice them. Juice all these fruits in a juicer.
Pomegranate  drink2 small  pomegranate
2 oranges
2 pineapple rings
¼ lemon
1/4 inch ginger
It tastes yummy. Juice all of these fruits and ginger.
Vegetable juice1 apple sliced
4 medium carrots
½ lemon, peeled
¼ medium cucumber, peeled.
 Process in a juicer and serve.
I add date syrup to all of these just before serving. There are more interesting recipes on


Becky said...

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Just thought you might be interested in checking out the book. It has done wonders for my little guy.

viji said...

Thank you so much. This is wishing your little one all the very best.

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