Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our circus visit

The circus visit was a huge success considering the debacle it was last time, around 2 years back. My husband had gone with our little prince Ramam, (Yep, we have changed his name) it was a damp squib. Things were different this time, maybe because I was around this time….. LOL. Firstly, this time we got the front row seats and maybe this helped to hold his attention. Secondly, we ensured he had eaten alright before leaving so that he clamours a lot less for all the stuff the hawkers pedal. They do so much of pressure selling, it‘s hard for the child to resist.Thirdly the magician did some water tricks that held his attention, the trapeze also interested him. Fourthly, we had taken the night show, so it was much cooler. He even shook hands with the clown. We were in there for almost 21/2 hrs. All of this for a fruit juice, 1 packet of popcorn and 1 packet of chips. Not bad at all. He was a lot more patient  this time around. My daughter also did her bit and kept prodding him to look here, there.Yes, the visit was a super success.On our way back ,my husband had tuned to the radio and guess what was playing Jai ho,our current favourite from Slumdog Millionaire.We couldn't ask for more.Thank you,o lord.


Nimisha said...

It's not only Ramam, even I enjoy shows only when it can hold my attention! :) I guess, it is the same with all the kids :D only, they're conditioned into hiding their emotions and reactions and yet, bored or not, they sit through the act.
The upside with Ramam(which believe me is not so with other kids) is that you'll always have him telling you what he likes! :) :) :)
Keep the faith. :)

viji said...

That is so very true and a very positive way of looking at things;)

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