Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easy to make

Puffed rice preparationTake oil in a kadai.  Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and let it splutter.  Add fried chana dal to this. Mix in the puffed rice. Blend in salt, chilli powder (optional), and chat masala. This is a quick n’ easy snack. Easy to rustle up in few minutes.


gina said...

Hi Viji/ Rajmohan,

My name is Gina. Have seen your husband's mails on IDD. My 2yr old is on the spectrum. He tested gluten intolerant last month. He began to have very disturbed sleep which made me realise that there was something more happening with him.

He is off corn, soya, tofu, unpolished rice as well. He cannot have fermented foods because of possible gut damage for 6-8 months.

I wanted to tell you that we realised that items such as puffed rice and raisins caused sleep issues. Puffed rice is often coated with gluten :( Im hoping you make your own puffed rice.

Couldn't find an email here so decided to post a comment!!

Where do you get Orgran products from? Also ingredients like tapioca flour and potato starch flour?

Take Care


viji said...

hi Gini,sorry I could not reply for potato starch flour I didn't find it so i used arrow root starch.For tapioca flour try any of the Asian stores or shops that sell Kerala stuff.Kerala is a south Indian state.As for puffed rice are we taking about the same thing. My son has also issues with raisins.My id is you and good luck

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