Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super Junk

We have successfully introduced the concept of Junk weekend with our son. On the weekend he gets to binge on off the shelf goodies that are within the permissible limits of GFCF. The Indian market has a plethora of GFCF sweets and savories. Like for example kaju katli. I checked this with some shops in Pune, now again in Jabalpur. I went online and also checked the recipes for Kajukatli. That was a real find. Again it matters; you pick it up from a reputed shop, because a little mixing and adulteration is not uncommon. Also the chiwdas, mixtures, south Indian murukku, banana and tapioca chips for the savories’ can be off the shelf buys. One cannot be sure of the ghee in the market, because it might not be casein free. It might not be as safe as making it at home with your own ingredients, but sometimes the excitement of picking up a goodie from a shop is something else. It is something like homemade versus hotel food, which is why we have classified these under super junk, for those small indulgences. It is always advisable to check with the shopkeeper, when in doubt. Recently we had been with our hero to a 3-star, and asked for a chicken preparation that would be GFCF. Finally the chef came in person and told us that if nothing else, at least some curds are added. We were disappointed but appreciated their honesty.
                                     Another fact we have observed is slow and steadily the child also begins to acquire a taste for these preparations. Earlier when he was getting a pizza, he would not care for sabudana vada. He relishes this and much more….Do not give up. 

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