Thursday, March 5, 2009

My must -haves in a GFCF Indian Kitchen

It is important for me to have these essentials in my kitchen at all times.

·         Batter for idli/dosa/ada.

·         Organic Tulsi tea( lost count of the gallons my son must have had)

·         Boiled potatoes 1-2 in number

·         Rice Parboiled and the regular variety such as sona masuri, basmati, kolam, ponni…….

·         Dal /pulses 3-4 in number .The more important ones being Toor dal (yellow lentils), Urad dal, Whole and split),Rajma(red kidney bean).

·         Flours-Raagi/ millet, singahdia, and an all purpose GFCF flour, Chick pea flour (besan).

·         Sago

·         Coconut for the chutneys, I cannot run my kitchen without it.

·         Tamarind

·         All the spices

·         Ghee

·         Oil

·         Vegetables. Amongst these again, onion, tomato ginger, garlic, coriander, curry leaves must have at all times. Apart from that vegetables that go into a salad cucumber, carrot, radish…Also this keep some additional 2-3 vegetables of your choice. These are mostly seasonal.

·         Fruits again seasonal

·         Baking soda, baking powder, vanilla extract.

·         Olive oil

·         Nuts of your choice

·         Papads, just to spruce up a boring dinner/lunch when in hurry.

·         Home- made pickles, for the same purpose as above.

·         Off the shelf goodies, to be pulled out only in emergencies, or their super junk status would be lost. Check my previous post super junk

·         Dry herbs such as oregano, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, nut meg

·         GFCF pasta( my son likes the spring shaped ones)

·         Dates, and some dry fruits to munch on

·         Kitchen tools-a separate rolling board and pin, a separate vessel to make tea, a kadai, container to hold oil for his frying requirements, a tawa to make rotis. All of these are add-ons, as one begins to get stringent with the requirements and of course an oven.

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