Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easy ways to handle GFCF

I think this is more about "me" handling GFCF .Usually the breakfast is one of these idli, dosa, ada with chutney.  Keep varying the chutney. Lunch and dinners are the basics with rice, roti, sabzi, dal, salad. 

·         Planning ahead like soaking the dals for the sprouts /batter/meal times, planning to ensure everybody in the house has a common meal such as parathas. It makes it less cumbersome also as you need one gravy to go with the parathas.The child is aslo comfortable as he is not being singled out.

·         Having some quick n’ easy recipe handy such as besan ka chila, besan dal.

·         Have a day in the week marked for baking, or any GFCF work in the kitchen and go easy on the regular cooking. Ensure the ingredients needed for the baking are stocked before hand.

·         Sometimes the leftovers are tastier the next day hahaha. For example make good use of leftover batter for uthappam, left over aloo (potato) sabzi (curry) the dry one for your bondas, the idlis for your idli upama. Please check GFCF breakfast for these recipes. There is  even a tasty preparation for left over rotis, where they can be stuffed with a filling and steamed. I don’t get it now.

·         We are not so much into freezing food stuff and reheating it for subsequent use, but doing it occasionally is ok, say with idlis for your breakfast, provided they are nice and fluffy on the first day.

·         As the last option, one has  hotels, where you can try some south Indian stuff /rice pulav, where the damage, is minimal


tammu said...

We are about to start GFCF diet for our son 4 yrs old. Can anyone please let me know what are to be avoided in GFCF diet.

viji said...

Hi Tammu,
Initially,start with the obvious such as wheat,maida and sooji products.Again milk in any form skimmed,powder ...and related products such as curds,panner,malai,dairy creamers,cheese,butter.
Vinegar,soy sauce,asafoetida in a solid form, all cocoa products unless labeled otherwise. Also rule out soy allergy, if you intend to substitute.Use home made ghee.Steer clear of cholcolates,macaronis,cookies/biscuits, pastas unless GFCF.There are also gluten free lipsticks. For the complete list go to this gives you an fair idea.

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