Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Recently Harish was down with flu and was refusing to take solids. The collection of soup recipes I had come in very handy. Many a times as with children on the GFCF diet one cannot offer them any beverage for that matter. Some do give soy milk.I have not tried it.The last 2-3 days he had soups and idlis. Please check GFCF breakfasts for idlis. Idlis is steamed food and hence safe and healthy. Now on to the soups.
Dal-vegetable soup:Take one tablespoon each of dhuli masoor and moong dal. (De-skinned and split red lentil and yellow lentils)Add vegetables such as shredded cabbage 100g, beans 2-3 in number, carrot-1 and pressure cook.
Add salt, pepper, oregano and serve. My son loves the flavor of oregano.
Tomato soup:Tomatoes-2 in number, 1carrot small-medium size, 1 inch beetroot for the color, salt pepper, mint leaves for garnishing. Boil the vegetables. Make a puree of it and filter it. Serve hot. It is ideal to use the seeded (desi/organic) variety as it has a better flavor. Add GFCF bread cubes. Add boiled GFCF pasta for tomato-pasta soup, if available.
Spinach/palak soup: Palak leaves 15-20 in number, tomatoes -2, garlic pods -2 ,green chili, ¼ tsp sugar, lime juice ¼ tsp. Boil the vegetables ,filter to remove the pulp. Serve hot garnished with salt and pepper.
Spring onion soup: Spring onions-2, Cabbage-50g, 1 small potato, green chilli, carrot. MAkea puree of the vegetables, filter it. Cut fine pieces of onion, green pepper, ajwain (carom seeds),stir fry in oil and add to the soup as garnish.
Rasam soup: ½ tsp moong dal dhuli, 2 tsp yellow lentils (toor dal), 1tsp cooked rice, 3 boiled tomatoes.
Beat the dals in a mixie. Add salt, chili powder1/4 tsp, coriander powder1/2 tsp Boil the tomatoes, make a puree and filter it. Add to the dals. Add the boiled rice. Fry carom seeds and add for garnishing.If the child is ok with ghee, add a1/2 tsp ghee to this.

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