Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not today !

They say man proposes and God disposes, today Mom proposed and Pop disposed. The new recipe was meant for Hari but he expected something else and so did not even try. Chicken Rolls. He just did not want to even give it a try. No point pushing it, we will reintroduce it later in a different way. For today his pop had to relish the new dish. Collataral advantage. It was yummy and am sure if introduced when he is really hungry, maybe as some evening snack, he will love it. Many a times we have had great expectations and after lot of effort it would be frustrating to see him not eat it. Not anymore. Now we laugh it out and decide to modify the setting, display, taste or whatever and try again. So its got to be another day. For today, thanks son, I loved it!

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