Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chole Baturae

This has been a “sundara “Sunday with sunira foods. Harish had upama with GFCF sooji for breakfast and chole baturae made with sunira‘s maida which is gluten free. To make baturae you need
Sunira maida
water preferably luke warm as the label says
Make dough with the three ingredients. Heat the oil in a kadai. Divide the dough into balls. Just before rolling out the dough, dip the ball in hot oil and roll it out. As with paratha do not dust with flour. In all fairness they look like baturas. Normally batura dough is made with maida and curds. When served with a chatpata chole slightly on the spicier, khatta side it makes a great Sunday brunch. As an afterthought also serve kuchumber salad, pickles with it. Speaking of pickles available in the market many of them contain vinegar which may not be gluten free. If one can make gooseberry pickles at home then it has great nutritive value and taste. Maybe will give it a shot.
Singhada atta pooris/water chestnut flour pooris
Pooris and baturas belong to the same family of deep fried Indian bread .Initially I started making pooris with singhadia atta. Add mashed potato, ground nut powder and salt to it. Knead to make dough. Make balls and repeat the process. They taste very good. They don’t really get fluffy always, that being the disadvantage, again that being my experience. One has to make smaller pooris.

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