Friday, February 13, 2009


 Laddu is a traditional Indian sweet ball made from flours. In this case we shall be using GFCF flours such as chick pea, finger millet, GFCF sooji. Substitute butter with ghee (clarified butter). I use homemade ghee for Harish, in which I skim the top part and leave the residue. The residue has brown sediment like particles which is casein.
Chick pea/besan laddus
2 cups chickpea flour
11/2 cups sugar
1 cup ghee
 in a heavy bottom vessel fry ghee and besan. Stir continuously so that lumps are not formed. Remove and add sugar. Mix it well. Make balls by rolling the mix with your fingers.
Raava  laddu.
Repeat the same process with sooji of sunira foods. It might be a good idea to run it in a mixer, as sooji is coarse. One can add finely grated nuts. Usually milk is added in the final mixing I have added water.  As an afterthought I felt I could have added almond milk/coconut milk. After the laddu has taken it‘s shape roll it in dry coconut powder so it has a coco nutty feel. The shelf life is not more than three days. Again the quantity of sugar can be varied depending on how sweet one wants it.
Ragi flour laddus/finger millet laddus.
Ragi is also called nachni. The ingredients needed are
healthy atta from sunira foods-3/4kg
ragi flour-1/4 kg
sugar1/2 kg
Ghee-1/2 kg
cardamom powder-2tsp
sieve the flours. Roast the cardamom and powder it. Mix the flours, ghee and sugar. Blend it in the mixie. This is essentially as only then the mix is tight enough to be rolled into ball and baked at 180c for20 min. Taste very good, it is nutritious and I have one myself every day.

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gungun said...

hi viji
can we use ghee in gfcf diet??
ur blog is quiet interesting...liked all the dishes!tried fermented ragi dosa vd pudina chutney,YUMMY my daughter liked it:)

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