Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why not GFCF ?

We dithered on taking the Gluten Free Casein Diet for a long time and did it half heartedly for many years. We asked why GFCF? Today after 6 months of strict GFCF, I ask why not GFCF? Even if it has no benefits whatsoever, why not try it. OK, the usual feeling, why deprive our child of some nice things. After six months, I am convinced, that a good diet can ensure that our children get everything they need, good taste, good variety and most importantly all the nutrients and vitamins. So why not ? And if I add, that our son, 'Improved 'PHENOMENALLY'  would you still not want to do it. Yes, it will take a little effort on the parents to get used to the diet, get the alternatives, avoid placing any thing that is not given to him at home ( at least for first 2 weeks ) and subsequently, being 100% committed to it. When we started, it was tough, tough to get him to sit and take what we offer, tough for us to keep searching for substitutes to esp wheat flour, tough to ensure that forbidden items are not left around. But as he calmed down life became so easy that the effort to get the diet going was well worth it. And now, we are into our sixth month, and  I am so happy to see Harish, sitting, watching TV, hitting the ball with his cricket bat, cycles well and a whole lot things, he has begun attempting and doing, that I feel we lost a whole lot of time, not putting one hundered percent into his diet. My better half has turned into a expert chef at GFCF and her only aim has been to ensure that Harish gets everything that others get, albeit a bit different. Other than Pizza, which he earlier loved, and Paneer, there is nothing that he does not have today. And the taste is yummy, there is lot of variety and new things like chicken which he never had before have become his favorites. His strict vegetarian mom has now turned into experimenting with Chicken Recipes, to keep Harish smiling, happy and most importantly Healthy. To all the Moms and Pops out there, just try it and do it 100%. We will put up various Indian variations on this blog which you may try. It has made our life so much more calmer and I pray it happens in all homes handling such lovely children.  I am aware of numerous theories like the leaky gut etc which say why this works, but I am not getting into that debate. My take is, I have seen it works, it has no side effects and no difficulty for our son. Today, he is under no medication and he is better with each passing day. 

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