Friday, January 16, 2009

An Indian GFCF regimen

An Indian GFCF regimen can be successful all the way,especially with the diverse traditional dishes various parts of this country follows. I have try to include some of those receipes as some of them in their original versions,some modified to suit the regimen.One has to make allowances for cookies and cakes,for more often than not my son would prefer a cookie over moong dal halwa.Children have also issues with texture,colour and the presentation.All of a suuden a favoutite snack is out of favour,and one is again scrambling for a new receipe.This is basically a collections of receipes that have been put together from various sources for the benefits of parents who want to give GFCF a shot.
In the receipes section, I shall try and classify the various preparations under easy to follow regimens
as GFCF breakfast options
GFCF lunch and dinner options
GFCF desserts
GFCF savouries
GFCf soups and starters

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