Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indian GFCF lunch and dinner options

The lunch and  dinner options are usually rice,dal, sabzi and rotis with an ocassional GFCF pasta cooked in Indian style.
                       Rice is simple plain steamed rice.
There are different rotis/parathas that we make for Harish.

Raagi parathas
                          Mix raagi atta,a small boiled potato and1-2 tbsp rice,both mashed to a paste. Add salt, garam masala powder, dhania(coriander powder),fresh cilantro  to this.Bring to dough consistency,preferably  knead  it  by hand . There should no lumps..There is no need to add water.Roll into balls  and use a rolling pin to make it flat.
                           To make stuffed gobi( Cauliflower)/mooli(Radish)  raagi parathas.Roll out  two  small parathas.Sandwich the filling in between these two parthas. Seal the edges and roll it out rounder and bigger.Cook on a tawa with ghee/clarified butter.
                    For harish we make ghee at home,discarding  the brown residue which is the protein part ,caesein.
For the fiilings . for 5-6 stuffed parathas,you need,
 1 med size cauliflower
1 finely grated small onion
Garam masala
                             Fry the ingredients together till it is cooked.Repeat the same for mooli filling.


Anonymous said...

Hi , I am so glad to see an Indian blog for GFCF foods. I am very new in this , recently am trying to give my son (2yr 10 mths old) GFCF foods.He loves the standard atta roti.Please advice me some recipe to give him gfcf roti.I will be trying this paratha too..still how can i make plain roti for him?

Thanks a lot, god bless you.

sowji said...

Hi, am sowjanya. I am very happy to see indian foods blog for gfcf diet.
i recently two weeks back started this diet.but i have a question that how can i give calcium foods to my baby ?
can you please add list of tiffins,lunch,snacks,dinner,juice, smoothies...etc
you can your recipes and i will add mine too so that all of us can benifited
and about the blog : after so many searches i found this blog. i am very happy that i can't express...

viji said...

Thank you,I tried strawberry smoothie with raagi milk.I give my son Ca supplements. raagi,bananas are an excellent source of mother I know tried besan ladoos made with honey, sago payasam in raagi milk and urad dal jalebis. Maybe I shall share her receipes also.U can e-mail ur experiences and receipes to As for rotis ,I still make parathas and puris

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