Sunday, January 18, 2009


Harish breakfast comprises the following.


Idlis and dosa are primarily from  the south indian cuisine. There are variation to these.

Raw rice- 3/4 glass
Parboiled rice-11/4 glass
Urad dal ---1/2 glass
Soak the dal and rice for 3-4 hrs .Grind the urad dal till it increases in volume and is of asmooth consistency that it drips easily off from the spatula. Grind the rice together.Mix the urad dal paste and rice together,then add 2 tbsp salt and leave it to ferment for 7-8 hrs hrs.In a cooler climate it takes a little longer,preferaly leave it in a warm palce in the kitchen.
                                         I use this batter for the first day for idlis and the left overs for dosa the following day.
                                         Another option is to divide the urud dal batter into 75:25 proportion.Mix equal proportion of the rice and urad dal batters for idli . For example if one were to add 3 spatula of uruddal dal batter then add 3 spatulas of rice batter.Use the remaining for dosas.
For idli the rice batter is ground a little coarse,in this case,while for dosa it is very fine.
                                     The idlis can be steamed in idli plates designed for this purpose in a regular cooker or use a idli cooker.Wet grinders also available in the market if  you intend to serve these regularly as you can grind larger volumes  and better quality with these.

                                   The idlis and dosas can be had with dugar, date syrup, which is a nexcellent source of  calcium and iron, or with chutneys.Sambhar is yet another excellent accompaniment.The are innumerable websites that  can give you receipes for chutney and sambhar.


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Can we serve idly dosa for autistic kid which is a fermented product is it good for them just worried of yeast plz reply me in email I'd thanks in advance

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