Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tofu Koftas.
Throw the tofu, the firm one bought from the store into the freezer, overnight. Thaw it completely when you need to use it. The freezing process changes it into a more chewy texture, making it more panner like. It absorbs the marinade in this manner. After thawing remove water by tying it in a muslin cloth. T then placed some weight over it so all the excess water is squeezed out. I set out to make tofu tikkas but after having absorbed the marinade for 5-6 hrs after thawing it was crumbling easily. The marinade is the same as used in Chicken tikka, mentioned in my previous post. Hence I decided to convert them into koftas or dumplings. Serendipity :-) 
Marinated Tofu-200g
Potato-I large one
Ginger-1/4 tsp grated
Coriander leaves
Chat masala
Chickpea flour-2 TBSP

Mash the potato along with tofu. Add green chilli, coriander, ginger. Make balls; roll them in chickpea flour and deep fry. The Koftas have a minty flavor. One can throw these Kofta balls into gravy, or add it to rice like pulao. If gluten free soy sauce is available you can then marinate it accordingly and make fried rice. Maybe flattened and fried they may well pass off as kebabs .this can be garnished and served with tomato sauce. As to the nutritional value of Tofu, one raw half cup serving of Tofu contains 10.1 g of proteins vis-a vis milk that contains 5.1 g of protein. It is an excellent source of proteins more so for the vegans. Tofu is available in various forms including soft, semi firm and firm. Other options include Tofu fritters made with chickpea flour .Tofu is bland, so it does not taste the same as the Indian panner pakora. For the vegans, you can make bhujia, though I have not tried it. This is something similar to scrambled eggs in western cuisine. 

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