Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indian savouries

In todays post the savouries mentioned are south indian. Differnt kinds of savouries can be made using the machine shown in the picture with minor variations in the ingredients.

These are essentially rice and dal based preparations.Most of them can be made and kept with a shelf life of 2 weeks.This needs a machine available easily in all steel stores down  south.

Nada pakoda

Besan 1 glass
Rice 1 glass
slat to suit taste
Chilli powder
2 tbsp
Til 1 spoon
Pureed garlic 5 pods

                         Add water and mix all the ingredients. To test the consistency of the dough let it pass through the holes of the right plate. There are 3-4 plates with a given machine. Use the plate with two slits in it.
Heat the oil in a kadai and when the oil is hot and ready to fry. Squeeze the dough through the holes of the machine.


Rice 1 lass
Urad dal 1 glass
chana dal 1 glass
ghee 2 tbsp

      Here we use a different plate,the one with three holes in the centre.Repeat the same process as with nada pakoda.


rice 1 glass
Chana dal 1/2 glass
Besan 1 glass
Urad dal 2 table spoon
2 onions
2.5 tsp of mirchi powder
2.5-3tsp salt 
ghee 2 tbsp

           Repeat the same process with a plate that has a star in the centre.

Besan 1glass
salt,chilli powder,

               Repeat the process with the plate that has many holes in it.

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