Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As this blog looks at GFCF diet as one of the great ways to make autism manageable it is important to answer this question WHY GFCF from a scientific view point. Diets play a crucial role in every individuals life. Especially for autism as these individuals have lot of mal-absorption issues. They may not be digesting and absorbing well. They may lack digestive enzymes due to many reasons. Gluten is a protein and is contained in foods, such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. Casein is also a protein and is found in dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cheese and yogurt. In the intestinal tract, gluten and casein get broken down into peptides; and these peptides then breakdown into amino acids. One popular theory is that when gluten and casein are broken down into peptides, they may pass through imperfections in the intestinal tract. Or what is called the leaky gut syndrome. These peptides are termed gliadinomorphin (breakdown of the gluten protein) and casomorphin (breakdown of the case in protein). Both peptides act like morphine in the body. They can also pass through the blood-brain barrier and have a negative impact on brain development...  is the study which explains Thus autistic individuals are spaced out and have drunken effect. Many behaviors may be coming from the gut and the only way to clean the gut is by implementing the diet.
Adapted from Times wellness online.

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