Monday, October 25, 2010

ASHA - Sports Day

                                    ASHA conducted it’s annual sports meet on the 23rd of this month, on a Saturday afternoon. The canvas was large as usual. Be it the Ramayana for the annual day, or the sports day, the arrangements are elaborate. From the invocation, to one of the students inviting the gathering, to a ceremonial oath taking, to declaring the games open, to the March fast, drills, yoga demonstration……the works! I had a sense of déjà vu, as the events unfolded for the day. At no point did one feel this is an event organized for special kids. All the students wore a blue t-shirt with the ASHA logo printed on it. The staff also wore kurtis designed by the self help wing of ASHA. The motifs on the kurtis have been designed and block printed by the children.
                               At the same time there was no pressure on the kids to perform, but surprisingly the children also behaved well. It started out as a very bright sunny afternoon, but after a drizzle, it cooled down amazingly. About 100 children participated in various events - the track events, field events, fun games. There were games organized for the parents, the staff of ASHA and the sponsors-ORACLE. The children did not have to wait too much as multiple events were being conducted simultaneously. The snack arrangements were also pretty good.
                                    The event concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. My hero stood second in all the events he participated in –running race, sac race, and throwing the ring. He was very much “present” and participated with considerable ease completing the races on his own.

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