Saturday, October 2, 2010

Millet Masti

For those of you on the GFCF diet, millets are definitely a healthier way to go. Especially the health conscious, senior citizens vouch for the goodness of millets. It is a healthier option compared to rice and wheat. Some of them are Finger millet (ragi), little millet (sama in Kannada, koda bagar in Hindi),  jowar (sorghum), pearl millet (sajje in kannada, Bajra in hindi, kambu in Tamil), foxtail millet (tenai in Tamil, Navene in Kannada). The only so called hitch is all these flours is ,they  need to be mixed with hot water, as they do not have gluten as a binding agent. So, here some of the blogs that I came across while looking for millet recipes .
                               This blog  shows you the way to make bajra rotis. Well illustrated with photos. And as I had mentioned in one of my earlier post I tried rotis with jowar flour and they come out beautifully. I also made aloo parathas and puris with them. I personally feel a slightly tangy curry offsets the bland flavor of the jowar flour. And yes they must be eaten hot. Next on my to- try recipe list is Sama kichidi.
                    Here is another good link that Gina send me


Sadie said...

Thanx for the infor, i must read your other post too, thanx.

jeanfi said...

un blog très intéressant... j'ai travaillé avec des autismes, c'est toujours passionnant! Amicalement Jean-Philippe

viji said...

Thank you,jeanfi

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