Friday, March 5, 2010

Ramayana, ASHA School

The students and staff of ASHA, Basweshwara nagar put up a brilliant show on the occasion of their annual day. The theme chosen was Ramayana. It was a 3 hr show. The effort taken was there for everybody to see. Details to costume make up, the props, lighting…… different backdrops for the various scenes. The children also performed wonderfully well.  The scenes where Lakshman draws the rekha asking Sita not to cross the Lakshman rekha, Sita crying for help as Ravana abducts her, Rama’s grief all well enacted.  Of couse there were Bollywood songs to pep up the proceedings adding zing to this Ramayana. Songs from Jab we met to Welcome to Sarjapur makingtheir mark. Ravana stole the show with his ever smiling countenence, a Ravana of such  cheerful disposition, he could give the original Rama of the Ramamand sagar RAMAYANA  fame a run for his money.There were  a couple of lighter moments when  young Hanuman decided to torch Lanka.with his tail. He could not have enough of it and he kept running in circles and had to be gently pulled away .The teachers masqueraded as animals and helped  the vanaras build the bridge across the ocean. Maybe our directors could borrow an idea or two from them. Even the able ones were guiding the not so able ones surreptitiously on the stage. It was a great team effort from the word go.
                The back stage was also a centre of actvity , with some children changing costumes, the staff and some mothers trying to keep the tempers from raising (they were after all handling the stars of the evening), juice,  chips ,kurkure packets strewn all over the place.  It might as well be the filmfare awards night with so much hungama backstage.
                         To conceive and put the whole thing into action was a humongous task. The vision and execution complemeted each other. The show came to an end with what has now become an anthem hum hoge kamyab. Many in the audience were moved to tears including myself. I wrote this post  to show how much we can  push ourselves, nothing is impossible. 97 familes went back happy and contended that long evening for once happiness overshadowing grief.
                                      As for Ramam, he danced well. Much to our happiness he maintained his cool after three hours of waiting, something that would have been unimaginable even 6 months back.  Kudos to Jaishree and her team.

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