Friday, March 26, 2010

Abhi’s jalebi’s

                                   The title sounds like it is a rip off from one of the Amar chitra comics I grew up on.  Abhi is another mother and has just started off on the GFCF diet. Half a month into the diet she has already some mouth watering receipes under her belt. She tried urad dal (split black gram, deskinned) jalebis with no additives.The condition being that she soaked the dal/pulses only for half a hour before grinding. I thought adding saffron might give it colour.Saffron also has cooling properties. Another receipe she tired was sago payasam (sago pudding) in raagi milk.To make ragi milk, soak ragi overnight, and make a liquid of it by placing it in the blender, strain it with a muslin cloth. When the milk just begins to boil remove it from the flame. Ragi milk has a shelf life of two days. Last summer I had put a post on different  receipes for juices fothe  summer.This time I tired making smoothies with ragi milk, but it was not as creamy or frothy as the regular one. Another option she suggested was to try cashewnut milk.  Powder the cashews and add water for the creamy feel, making it ideal for smoothies. I am yet to try this one out.  No heating is required for cashewnut milk.

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