Monday, May 18, 2009

ATM tutorial for 10,000

My husband has been on an overdrive ever since he has got back from Bangalore. He uses every cue, every opportunity to”talk” to Ramam. He talks to him about  everything,why we could not go to mandir on Saturday, why he came back late in the evening. He went a step further on Sunday. Just when he was going to close his ATM transaction, an idea hit him like a bolt from the blue. What better opportunity to teach Ramam how to use the ATM. I also nodded my head.  As he explained where to insert the card, punch in the PIN, the machine withdrew the money back .It happened right in front of our eyes. Then we realized the transaction had been timed out and the money debited to our account. We stood perplexed not knowing what to do. To our relief, the State Bank of Indore was adjacent to the ATM. We had been oblivious to this fact so long,  as we usually carry out our transactions at the HDFC ATM. Anyway, being a Sunday afternoon, we could not do anything much. Luckily a sole employee of the bank was leaving after his day’s work. He told us to come back the next day morning and assured us the money is not lost, we have to submit an application, blah blah…….and so , the tutorial for Ramam did not come cheap. But I said the two of us had a practical class on time out too. Considering that the tutorial was a steal for 3000 per head. But then, my husband was not amused.

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