Friday, August 21, 2009

Reel and real

For those of you who have seen Hrithik Roshan’ s Koi mil gaya there is a scene in which preity zinta’s mother offers him tea/coffee. He proudly states that he has had bournvita (yes, of course he is also endorsing the brand).Recently I had a friend of mine over, at my place. That is how he addresses me, and at that he is a very “special” friend of mine. I asked him what he would have to drink. He stated he just had milk. And at that instant of time this scene flashed across my mind, maybe the script directors borrow from real life. This friend of mine can comfortably have a conversation; go on his own independently from his place to mine. He is a gentle man to the tee. As my husband remarked, if Ramam reaches anywhere close to him when he grows up we should be very happy.

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