Thursday, October 16, 2014

Music in our house

I begin my day everyday with the song Ekdantay Vakratandaya by Shankar Mahadevan.( everyone has their OCD's) This is followed by my daughter's request for the Rihanna- Eminem song  The Monster. Ramam grew up on a staple diet of Pink Floyd, Dire straits, Hotel of California, Fusion music ,......... all my husband's choices. And in between I would also administer my doses of classical music.                                
                                       But with my daughter growing up, she is bringing in  new sounds of music, Katty Perry, Rihanna....... And more importantly she wants to share  her music. Listen to this one , and that one. Ramam is yet to sample this brand of music. And so now, there is a major confluence of music at home. When at home, she plays hers, in the car it is Ramam's choice.
                                     Never thought , there would come a day when Isha would have  a say in the choice of music. It is a novel experience  because with Ramam our choice was his
                                      And for now, our choice of music  is being dictated by our kids and not the other way round..

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